“You say ‘drama queen’ like it’s a bad thing.”
This is something Andrea has said to her mother, her bosses, and her boyfriends for years. From demanding a tiara for Christmas at the age of 6 to demanding the studio be stocked with Pepsi Zero and Cinnamon Bears every day—Andrea is right. She is a drama queen. And where would the world be without Drama Queens?
When not “drama queen-ing” you can find Andrea hanging out at 103.1 The Wave every weekday from 10AM – 3PM. She also loves hiking, shoe buying, animal rescuing, and wine drinking.

Disclaimer: 103.1 The Wave staff does not stock the studio with Pepsi Zero and Cinnamon Bears for Andrea. Instead, we hang shiny objects (aka, pictures of pretty shoes and Idris Elba) around the studio to distract her. Works every time.