Hi, I’m a pinhead how are you? Believe it or not, my first job in radio was for a local talk station in town. After a short stint there in the early 90’s I moved to San Diego for a radio job.  I did a little bit of everything there and got paid a whole lot of nothing so I moved back to Salt Lake.  After arriving back, I was able to swindle an overnight position at a station in Ogden.  Shortly after that, I helped start an alternative station that lasted more than 15 years!  I did it all at that station, working every air shift possible; overnights, evenings, mid-day’s and even filling in for the morning show occasionally.  And now I feel reborn with the inception of 103.1 The Wave.  Thanks for listening, and please feel free to spread the word about The Next Wave of New Wave–103.1 The Wave!